A Video Creators Professional Journey

Creating a video about your professional experience tells a story that is usually only on paper or a LinkedIn Profile. I created this video for an interview I did with a good friend and content creator. It covers the professional journey I've been on over the past 12 years and gives insight on the trajectory one can take. I share it with you as a fun guide and an exercise in branding. Would you create a video profile of your professional career? ‍


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How to Improve Your Business Growth With Live Streaming

Here are the reasons why live streaming events will significantly improve your business growth.

How to Create a Run of Show for your Live Stream

It all starts with a “RUN OF SHOW”. This is basically how our show will go from start to finish. The best way to learn how to write a show outline is to watch a show you like and write down the actions. When we write those show outlines you will learn a lot about the format, story, structure, scenes, and cadence. I’ve created one that we will be able to download and edit.

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