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Daniel Figur

Video Content Creation Expert, Content Marketing Strategist, and Additive Manufacturing Consultant

I work with creators to execute content strategies and make informed data-driven decisions. I use video content, additive manufacturing, and no-code to get there.

I have experience creating for major brands and influencers and my skills lie in everything from cinematography, video editing, Content Marketing, and 3D printing! Co-founder of a 3D printing company in Brooklyn and creator of over 400 films and commercials. I spent seven years as a videographer and content producer for The Black Eyed Peas & I've been on teams that have created every form of content from full-length feature films (Love, 2011) to live-stream web series (World of Betters) and 3D printable downloads (Vikings 3D Prophecy). I'm willing to get my hands dirty during the creative process which gives me a unique and invaluable perspective on the stories I bring to life.






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