Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Early mornings you wake up with a 🔥 in the BELLY! You are ready to conquer all of the tasks on that list. Kaaaa💥 ⠀ _ Until you get told there’s a delay. ⛰ RESET🔙 ah that’s right what you imagined didn’t quite go the way you planned. 👣Normal but frustrating, get ready for a long day. 🦴 Yesterday wasn’t much different it’s just your plans shifted. You now need to dig deeper to get more done on top of what you already had to accomplish. It’s what divides the winners from losers. 🔜 This is your test, now own it. _ This story happened in this photo. It was 5am in the lobby and the shoot was pushed because of a storm. Still had one hell of a shoot (see stories)
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