Isolina Taberna Peruana

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I didn’t know how to bring this up and talk about but it’s really starting to show in just one belly, I’m a closet foodie. Weather traveling or not I’m always about a good meal. (🙌 Korean BBQ) — I’ve always looked at it as an investment. I’m starting to believe that it’s not the ROI that I expected. Your comforts can become your worst nightmare and I’m gonna have to move on. _ 🍽 RESTAURANT you need to go to this restaurant the next time you’re in Lima Peru @isolinataberna has some of the best food in the world 🌎. It’s Peruvian home cooking brought to the public dinner table and wow it will have you back in line the next day waiting with the other 20 tourists for them to open. _ 🔭 NEWS Going to a blockchain event tonight in Manhattan, DM if you want me to share the info.
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