Jerusalem, Israel

Quick setup and shoot with this gear. Long lens on the Benro head and the wide on the Zhiyun Stabilizer. _ Ever since I purchased the crane 2 I’ve brought it to over 25 countries around the world (in one year) and I don’t even pack it in the case. I place it in my large suitcase between my clothes 👔👖🏗🧦👔 and this beast has never quit on me. At first it seems like a delicate piece of technology but from what I’ve found out this thing can take a beating and keep on ticking. The last thing you want to worry about is the gear being broken or needing to be repaired when you are producing segments on the go. You need to be able to hop in and out of cars, buses, trains, taxis and right into the scene — power up and record 🔴. _ Also, I don’t use a fancy tripod with the crane. It’s actually a photo tripod that collapses down to 14 inches — perfect for traveling or attaching to your backpack with some bongo ties. It’s aluminum and the colors complement the red powder coating of the crane. _ 🎥 - 5D Mark IV w/ Tamron 35mm f1.8⠀ 📷 - 7D Mark II w/ Canon 70-200mm f2.8⠀ 🏗 - Zhiyun Crane 2 ⠀ 🎤 - Rode Video Mic Pro+⠀ 🎧 - H6N Recorder⠀ 📡 - Slingstudio

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Taking the Drone out over the valley in Chile. FREE Stock Video - Download

Flying the DJI Mavic Air around the valley with a quick takeoff and landing sequence. Download now at #stockvideo #broll #videolibrary #royalityfree #stockfootage #LosFigur #LosFigurVideo

Evening Traffic and Airplane Runway at LAX

Airplane and car traffic coming and going from LAX airport with partial view of the runway and ramps at dusk.

Midday Traffic and Airplane Runway at LAX

Outside LAX looking onto the runway and traffic loops in the afternoon.

All you need to do is turn around.

Changing the shot can be as simple as just turning around you have a whole new setup. This was directly behind me after shooting the space needle. Quite a contrast from the busy city just over my shoulder.

Seattle Space needle in the background of the shot.

This one surprised me, I've never been to Seattle before and when I woke at 5am to go for a time lapse video, I just grabbed my camera and just started walking toward a place where I figured there would be something to shoot. Turned around and BAM. There was the Space Needle and the Seattle Skyline. Opened the tripod and started capturing.

Seattle Skyline with Space Needle

Looking back on downtown Seattle with the Space Needle just off in the background. Construction starts early and doesn't seem to be ending in this city.

The panasonic eva1 is a great all around run and gun broadcast camera.

From corporate videos, Live events, commercials and documentaries, this camera can handle just about any environment and condition you throw it into.

Sunset Water Taxi in Manhattan Headed to New Jersey Waterfront

heading into the sunset with a beautiful backlight and warm colors. Download Now at

We recently finished a corporate video for @FamilySelfCare for their fundraising.

We shot in New York at the Johnson & Johnson Incubator. Worked with voice over talent from both countries and delivered videos in multiple languages (English and French). It was a great experience to work with the Family Self Care Team

@Borgowine taking us through the Peck wine cellar.

The was an education on wine tasting and the variety available in one of the largest cellars in Northern Italy. The story here is tradition.

Water Taxis and Classic Bicycles with a Manhattan Skyline

Water Taxis and Classic Bicycles with a Manhattan Skyline. The water taxis were active that day and a couple classic bicycles were captured in the foreground to build depth in the video.

Are you an early bird? Get up before 5 am?

Are you an early bird? Get up before 5 am? The best light for photos and videos is at the beginning and end of the day. Wake up and get the day started before everyone else begins to bombard your personal space.