New York City

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Infrastructure 🏭 I grew up with it and don’t have a clue what it took to get here. When I travel outside of the states I get to see a different perspective on the upbringing that I had 🏘 and what others are experiencing 🏚. Putting yourself outside of your comforts and getting a first hand perspective on how hard life is outside of a developed country is a must for anyone. I see a future where the countries that are under developed now will teach a developed 🏢🏦🏨 country like ours more than we could have ever known🛤. That’s because we’re not looking outward enough for the real change that is occurring when technology is released in the places that need it most. America and most developed countries have everything and it’s a watered down environment of competition. Disruption is happening but it’s hard to see it and it most often is not needed because we have other services that support or do small parts of that anyway. Look outside of your box 📦 👀. _ NEWS 🔭 Going to Italy 🇮🇹 from the 14th to the 25th. Producing some videos while traveling 🧳 . Anyone gonna be in Milan or around Italy send a DM.
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