3D Systems

3D Printing and New Manufacturing Influencer Videos

Joined alongside 3D Systems for one year while they launched into consumer 3D printing. We created over 50 key influencer videos for the launch of their consumer 3D Printer and 3D Scanner. The videos targeted early adopters who we’re hungry to engage and learn more about the desktop manufacturing technology. Partnerships included Ekocycle (Coca-Cola)

iSense Product Video

New Pioneers Influencer Series with Vowsmith

Matt Waldman with Nooka

MirrorMe 3D

Normal Headphones

Will.i.am, 3D Systems and Ekocycle

3D Systems Live Event Video Production

iSense 3D Scanner

Fashion and 3D Printing

Food and 3D Printing

Education and 3D Printing

3D Systems: TOUCH

3D Systems and FIRST Robotics