How to Create a Run of Show for your Live Stream

Here are the 5 things we will need to make our live shows have a professional style. 

It all starts with a “RUN OF SHOW”. This is basically how our show will go from start to finish. The best way to learn how to write a show outline is to watch a show you like and write down the actions. When we write those show outlines you will learn a lot about the format, story, structure, scenes, and cadence. I’ve created one that we will be able to download and edit. Now, let’s start producing better shows. 




 These are the instructions from beginning to end on how the show will operate. It usually has technical language and may use code names which helps abbreviate the actions that need to happen — HOST, TALENT, GRAPHICS, SEGMENT, ASSETS, CAMERAS, CUT TO, ETC. Break your script down into three acts. Then within those three acts create a set of sequences (3 to 8).  All of these help explain everyone involved with the shoot so they can follow along and be ready for when it’s time for that moment to happen. Add any additional key moments in the outline like:


    Our sequences are short stories.\Think of each sequence as a story which needs an opposing force, a beginning, middle and end which all builds to a climax and resolution. These sequences can be anything so have fun and come up with what will keep your audience’s attention, hook them in right at the beginning. Try to work in good audience interaction and engage them with an action to be part of the show.  You can also offer a giveaway or contest if that drives more engagement.


You will want to create a series of graphics for your show that are based on the upcoming live show. These are usually Overlays, Banners, Motion Graphics and Lower Thirds. Sharing this run of show before diving into your first segment will help let the audience know what’s coming up. These assets really add to the production value and can add another layer of audience engagement to highlight important information. Once you have created these assets you will be able to quickly modify and update for future shows. The initial creation can seem daunting but there are some simple tools out there to help this look professional and save you time.  


Talking about Assets, here’s one that you shouldn’t pass up. We are offering a free video content strategy session. Learn more at where we can help you drive more engagement and brand awareness with your video content. 


Sharing the Run of Show and instructions ahead of time is important so everyone is on the same page. I like to share the RUN OF SHOW with the team ahead of time which allows everyone to put in some feedback before going live. We need an instructions page for the talent to use for themselves or share with whoever else is joining on the show. Having a temple that can be easily updated and changed can help you produce more efficiently. See the link to the template in the google drive folder which will help you get started right away. In your RUN OF SHOW, add in some areas where you can pick up some sound bites and future marketing content. Ask your talent to be part of a couple of drops that you can use to market your videos. These can be questions or statements that you can use to build on. This can be used to create a compilation of the whole process. This is also a great way to capture live feedback which can be used in your marketing materials.  


During the show, I do my best to take notes, its not easy but it helps me when I look back and review how the show went overall. Follow up each show with a review and write out what worked and what didn’t. You should be using your analytics and data from your distribution channels to help see where your audience engaged and fell off from your stream. Get some feedback from your audience and creatives that can help you improve the RUN OF SHOW. Jump back into writing the next Run Of Show. 


What have we learned. The RUN OF SHOW is the detailed instructions on how your show will run so everyone can see what is going on when in the show. Once you have that put together you need to share with your team and talent to get feedback and create assets. Get those instructions out to everyone so they know when and where to go. Now that we have all of that figured out, let’s do it live! 

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