How to do a Remote Video Production

In this guide, I’m gonna give you an overview on how to do remote video productions. Depending on what you are trying to achieve this will give you an overview on what’s out there to use for productions on your own and with a team.

What is a remote video production?

With the explosion of great mobile phone cameras and cheap digital camera technology, video production has become more accessible to just about anyone. This has allowed everyone to capture their stories and create high-quality content.

Remote video production is an extension of this technology because it allows you to work with what you have available while also collaborating with a team of professional writers, directors, producers, and editors in the digital environment.

I’m gonna share with you a couple of ways I’ve been putting remote video production into action with real-world examples and the different techniques you can implement to make video productions happen no matter where you are.

- What I've been doing with my clients
- Remote Video Production with a Team
- Remote Post-Production Editing

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